Thank you for visiting Language and Literacy for All, an initiative of The Center for Expanded and Afterschool Education and Foundations, Inc. This blog was created by and for professionals committed to supporting our children and young people in and through school. Questions or comments?  Email us at language-literacy@foundationsinc.org.


We believe that diversity and multilingualism are assets in an increasingly globalized economy, that effective learning strategies for English learners benefit all children and young people, and that we need to extended learning opportunities beyond the classroom. By capitalizing on our own experiences as language learners and teachers, everyone can support EL students. As an organization, we help schools, afterschool programs, and extended learning environments across the country better support English Learners.


Half of the children in this country do not read on grade level, even though we know that 95% of them can, given proper instruction and support. Foundations has joined The Annie E. Casey Foundation as a partner in their flagship national initiative, Making Connections. Specifically, we focus on closing the gaps in third grade reading scores between disadvantaged Making Connections neighborhoods and the surrounding counties, while helping schools achieve grade-level reading proficiency for all students. Studies have shown that by the end of grade 3, students should be ready to read for learning, and not learning how to read.

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