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Claiborne Taylor

Making the Right Call

by Claiborne Taylor January 26, 2011
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My parents moved to the suburbs to open up the world to me.

Like many in their generation, they saw the city around them crumbling and the outskirts of town as a place to find affordable housing, community pools, and, most importantly, good schools. Their decision had the pay offs that almost any parent would want. I went on field trips to museums, had classes capped at 15, and ended up attending a small, liberal arts college with red brick, white columns, and a study abroad program. In school, I experienced diversity…but mostly in books, movies, and on our annual trip to the world cultures museum. And community became synonymous with service rather than partnership or integration.

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Lost in Translation

by Claiborne Taylor June 30, 2010

“Tengo una pregunta más.”
“She has one more question,” said Marta.

I wondered what it could be. Marta had great grades, and did everything I asked her. She was probably my best student. I could only guess why her mother looked so troubled. As the Spanish rolled off her tongue, I regretted not having gone to the extra dialogue sessions my Spanish professor in college had offered.

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